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Irrigation Stain Preventer


 UNRUST Stain Preventer

- The strongest irrigation rust prevention on the market

- Designed to work in any pH or hardness

- So strong that even 10 ppm (parts per million) and higher of Iron will be stopped

- Works in all chemical injection and suction type systems

- It is the best choice for sprinkler rust stains caused by iron in your well water

- It WILL solve your rust staining problems!

UNRUST Stain Preventer comes in 3 sizes;

0.6 Gallon Stain PreventerUNRUST Stain Preventer

Makes 10 gallons of the liquid
0.6 gallon UNRUST Stain Preventer

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UNRUST Stain Preventer

UNRUST Stain Preventer

Makes 20 gallons of the liquid

1.25 gallon UNRUST Stain Preventer

5 Gallon UNRUST Stain PreventerUNRUST Stain Preventer

Makes 80 gallons of the liquid

5 gallon UNRUST Stain Preventer

8 oz. cup of UNRUST Stain Preventer

Add one 8 oz cup for every ppm (part per million) of iron you have in your well water and one 8 oz cup for every 5 of hardness you have in your well water.  Add water to your chemical tank and you are done. It is not necessary to premix, add the dry UNRUST and mix with a garden hose as you fill your Rust Prevention Tank.

If you are using a liquid chemical STOP! UNRUST will SAVE you MONEY!