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Rust Remover

UNRUST Rust Remover
RUST Removal From Anything!

Before UNRUST Stain RemoverAfter using UNRUST Stain Remover


UNRUST Rust Remover makes rust removal easy. 
Remove rust from concrete, stucco, plastic fencing, stone and lawn furniture, fast.

UNRUST Rust Remover comes in 3 sizes;

0.6 Gallon Rust Remover
UNRUST Rust Remover

Makes about 2 gallons                      
0.6 gallon UNRUST Rust Remover

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1.25 Gallon Rust Remover  
UNRUST Rust Remover

Makes 20 gallons covers about 2,000 square feet.
1.25 gallon UNRUST Rust Remover

5 Gallon Rust Remover
UNRUST Rust Remover

Makes 80 gallons covers about 8,000 square feet.
5 gallon UNRUST Rust Remover


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Remove RUST From Any Metal!

UNRUST Rust Remover works GREAT
on any type of RUST!
Rusty Wrench After using UNRUST Rust RemoverRestore Rusted Parts

Clean rusted tools, engine blocks and any rusted surface.      
UNRUST Rust Remover removes the toughest rust and not harm the raw metal. 

Look at this rusted 57 Chevy,
UNRUST Rust Remover will remove even that kind of rust.

Here is a test area to show the power of UNRUST!
"Only a small area was treated to show the rust removed, UNRUST Rust Remover only removes the rust and stops at the bare metal!"

This is a test area on the rusted 1957 Chevy in the picture above.

This kind of rust is no problem!



UNRUST Rust Remover is 100% chemical concentrate
in the dry crystal form. UNRUST Rust Remover comes in a dry salt form.Mix with water to activate. 

Apply UNRUST Rust Remover with a pump-up sprayer, brush,
or you can make up a tank to soak the rusted parts.

After applying, rinse off with fresh water to deactivate it.

UNRUST Rust Remover is safe on all surfaces.

Rust is easily removed from;

Motorcycle gas tanks, All gas tanks, Antique auto parts, Metal Rails, Marine Parts, Auto Parts, Brass, Even Copper

You can use UNRUST Rust Remover on sheet metal. Restore Old Rusted Parts

We have, Body shops that use UNRUST Rust Remover as liquid sand paper.

All that is necessary is to spray it on and rinse off.

Then you are ready to prime.

UNRUST Rust Remover is that easy.

UNRUST Rust Remover removes only the oxidized metal, it will not etch or attack the unoxidized, "raw" metal.

UNRUST Rust Remover works GREAT on antiques.