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Instructions for UNRUST Stain Preventer UNRUST Stain Preventer

Here is an easy way to get the right amount of chemical nTape off a section to check for staining.eeded for your system.

  1. Place a piece of white PVC pipe, masked with tape, in a zone that is the worst for staining.

    2.   Run that zone with the PVC pipe in a wetting area.

    3.   Let the PVC pipe dry, pull back the tape and check for any signs of staining.

    4.   If staining is present, add one more cup of UNRUST Stain Preventer.

    5.   Repeat steps 1,2,and 3, adding UNRUST Stain Preventer, until no stains are present.  

    • If the water has hardness greater than 5 grains per gallon of calcium carbonate, you will need to add 1 cup of UNRUST Stain Preventer, for every 5 grains of hardness. If you do not know what the hardness of your water is, you can get a inexpensive test kit at your local hardware store.  
    • On average you will need 1 cup of UNRUST Stain Preventer for every 1 ppm of Iron and 1 more cup for every 5 grains of hardness.
    • Example;

              You have; 
                                 2 ppm of Iron                 =  2 cups of UNRUST Stain Preventer
                               10 grains of hardness      =  2 cups of UNRUST Stain Preventer

    Total needed     =  4 cups of UNRUST Stain Preventer

Instructions for UNRUST Rust Remover.  
For the removal of iron stains from irrigation of hardscapes.

1.   Apply to iron stain with a pump sprayer, mop, roller, or brush.

2.   Let stand for a few seconds or as long, as needed.

3.   After the stain has vanished, rinse the cleaned area with water to deactivate.

If the stain is stubborn repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.

works on many other things, including copper.

Rust removal on;

UNRUST Rust Remover
metal, automotive, marine, lawn equipment,
metal fencing, or anything else metal.

Rust Removal BeforeUNRUST Remover After